You're in the right place.

To make writing an ongoing, rewarding part of your life.

And you don't have to write everyday, write first thing in the morning or treat it like a job to do so. Sound strange to say that? It shouldn't. 

Because here's what I know: You're more than a writer.

You have a career or a job, or you're figuring out what it means to be retired. You volunteer. You take care of your family. You value your friends. And you feel most alive when you're out in the world. Digging in the garden. Walking your dog. Traveling and exploring.  

If you want to write meaningful stories, your job isn't to find more discipline. It's to figure out how writing can live alongside these other parts of your life. When you do, your creativity will shine. And I can help.



When you write with others, magic happens. You write more. You have more fun. You feel more energized. Company makes the creative journey so much more rewarding.


If expecting more from yourself were the answer, we'd all write all the time. But when others help you stay stay the course? That's when you really follow through. 


Here's the truth about writing: you want to write but you don't always feel like writing. In the Studio, we provide the nudge to get started and the inspiration to keep going.


Here's what you'll find in the Studio: 

My writing partner, Julia, and I will help you build your best writing life. I bring over 10 years of writing and coaching experience, and the know-how to let go of writing rules that don't work so you can find those that do. Julia brings her own passion for writing, and an ear for just what you need to hear to feel good about your process. Together, we guide you through the following every month:

Writing Theme

Every month, we study a different aspect of the writing life to ease the pressure and help you find your way foward.

Writers Labs 

We also record a guided writing session to help you get your pen to the page and build those writing muscles.


We use a private Facebook group to connect with each other, share ideas, and keep each other going.

Writers Salons

These discussions cover the ins and outs of the writing life, from staying motivated to trusting your process.

PLUS access to a member's-only website, a toolbox of writing worksheets and guides, weekly writing warmups to get you in the flow and So. Much. More.

I teach from experience.

When I finished graduate school, I thought I had this writing thing figured out. What I didn't realize? I wrote all the time because I had so many deadlines! Left to my own devices, mixing my personal writing (short stories and a novel) with professional assignments didn't come easy. 

Over the years, I've learn that the only way to do both is to ease the pressure and let writing be fun. When I do that, I have more momentum, make more progress and find an audience.

Inspired Writers Studio members have done the same:

So much writing!

"Before Alissa: Like most writers, I held the belief that before my pen hit the paper or my fingers caressed the keys, my words had to be perfect, I needed to have at least an hour set aside to write and I had to write every. single. day. Um, I love writing but I have many other creative interests I want to explore.  

Enter Alissa. Right away, her message of writing when I wanted to and for as long or short as I wanted to was so refreshing. I allowed myself permission to create my own flow and since working with Alissa, I have written multiple stories and even had the nerve to enter a flash fiction contest and was a winner."


Amazing advice.

"Alissa guided me to make writing an integral part of my life. She expertly facilitates group discussion to create a forum of continuous support and encouragement for new and experienced writers... But it is Alissa’s uplifting belief in her writers that opened my mind to believe in myself. I am a writer!" 


Other happy writers: 

"I've learned so much about getting 'unstuck.' And 'meeting' other writers has helped me realize that we're all in this together, can learn from one another and encourage each other."

"The coaching, tools and networking have made writing a central focus in my life. Believing in my calling to be a writer has made it possible for me to write every day with hope and vision."

"The biggest benefit is being around others and finding out I am not the only one who loves writing but at times struggles to make myself do it. That I don't have to write every. single. day in order to be considered a 'real' writer."

"I have a sense of accomplishment in going through the process and my confidence in my writing has grown exponentially!"

Ready to Join the Inspired Writers Studio?

You'll find so much value in the Studio, and when you join now you'll have instant access to past Writers Labs and a host of writing resources, good through October 31, 2018. You'll also be part of our month "doing" in October, where you'll get to set an intention and have support and accountability to write!